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Georgetown supports interdisciplinary research and teaching on the Western Hemisphere around four critical challenges facing the region: governance and the rule of law, economic growth and innovation, social and cultural inclusion, and sustainability and the environment.

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The institute offers grants (up to $25,000) designed to increase research within Georgetown on issues relevant to the Western Hemisphere, bring Georgetown faculty closer to the region, and to bridge academia and policy makers. 

Priority areas of research include climate change, rule of law and democratic governance, security, economic recovery and social equity, entrepreneurship, history and culture of the hemisphere.


Building in Bogota

The Georgetown Americas Institute’s Latin America in the Global Economy (LAGE) program is a multiyear initiative to advance research and promote dialogue within the academy and with governments, the private sector, and civil society around the most critical economic challenges facing the region. A…

Ricardo Ernst

Ricardo Ernst, Baratta Chair in Global Business in the McDonough School of Business, co-published From Me to We: How Shared Value Can Turn Companies Into Engines of Change, which discusses shared value within the context of business and society, competitiveness, and globalization.

Alvaro Santos in front of CAROLA banner

Alvaro Santos of Georgetown Law's Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas co-authored the report "Trade, Economy, and Work" (in collaboration with Chris Wilson of the Wilson Center and other experts), which offers policy recommendations for U.S.-Mexican economic relations in…

Michael Reed-Hurtado

CLAS Professor Michael Reed-Hurtado published a piece on the 6,402 civilians killed and falsely passed off as combatants by the Colombian military during civil conflicts between 2002 and 2008. The article examines the path forward and the difficulties of obtaining justice for those killed.

Various international flags on poles

The Georgetown Journal of International Law covers a diverse range of material in the fields of public international law, private international law, transnational law, foreign relations law, and comparative law.

Small balance with black gavel on table

The Georgetown Immigration Law Journal is a scholarly publication that is dedicated to the advancement of legal knowledge in the field of immigration law by exploring and critically analyzing international and domestic events.

Map of South America with "Search by Actor" buttons

Designed by faculty and students in the Center for Latin American Studies, the map shares developments throughout the region during this time of pandemic in the areas of governance and the rule of law, economic growth and innovation, and social and cultural inclusion.

Woman cooking tortillas over a wood oven

Professor Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano shares her research on the effects of obesity in Latin America in a new paper (in Spanish) for the International Food Policy Research Institute. There is concrete evidence of the existence of a significant gender gap, with women being affected in a higher and…