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The Georgetown Americas Institute (GAI) is a platform for dialogue, research, and impact around the key challenges facing Latin America and the hemisphere.


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Great Power Competition in the Americas Event

Over the past two decades, China’s role in the geopolitical landscape of the Western Hemisphere has grown, as has its economic footprint across the region. U.S. leaders have come to see the evolution of Chinese influence in the Americas as a challenge deserving a policy response. U.S.-China


Rev. Rordigo Zarazaga, S.J., on the Fragmentation of Politics in Argentina

On October 4, the Georgetown Americas Institute (GAI) hosted Rev. Rodrigo Zarazaga, S.J., director of the Centro de Investigación y Acción Social, for a conversation about the upcoming presidential election in Argentina and the growing appeal of a disruptive outsider in a traditionally bi-coalitional political system.