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Flags of Peru, Paraguay, and Ecuador with a blue sky behind them

Spotlight on the Americas

The Georgetown Americas Institute (GAI) was pleased to host a series of conversations with experts on various themes related to the Western Hemisphere, including economics and politics, equity, security issues, entrepreneurship, international…

A man and a woman sit in brown chairs with a blue background that reads "Georgetown University"

Conversations with Leaders

The Georgetown Americas Institute is pleased to host an ongoing series of conversations and lectures with influential leaders in the Western Hemisphere. Visiting former heads of state, dignitaries, policymakers, and decision-makers will discuss…

Man raises hand to ask question in a conference


The Georgetown Americas Institute (GAI) is pleased to host a series of conferences on critical economic, social, and political issues facing Western Hemisphere.

Mexican flag

Thinking about Mexico’s Future

In 2024 presidential elections will take place in Mexico. The Georgetown Americas Institute is pleased to present a series of talks and lectures to reflect on the future of Mexico.​

Will Mexican voters choose to support the fourth transformation

Georgetown University

Americas Forum

The Americas Forum event series at Georgetown University aims to bring innovative perspectives to understanding the United States and the diversity within its borders, to engaging the diverse peoples, nations, and communities across the Americas, and…

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