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Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro

Program Areas

The Georgetown Americas Institute engages leaders in Latin America across the academy, business, government and civil society, and promotes networks that advance solutions to key economic, political, and social challenges facing the region and the hemisphere as a whole.

Buildings in Medellin (Colombia)

Economic Growth and Innovation

As Latin America slowly emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, the institute will work with stakeholders to address the challenges of technological innovation and sustainable economic growth.

Small judge gavel placed on table

Governance and the Rule of Law

Against the backdrop of political polarization across the hemisphere, the institute will support research, dialogue, and policy recommendations that advance democratic governance.

Street mural in Colombia depicting three afro latinas with flowers in their ears and paint in their eyes

Social and Cultural Inclusion

In view of growing social inequality across Latin America, the institute will work with partners across sectors to advance research and impact around issues of social and cultural inclusion.

Aerial shot of the Amazon river and rainforest

Sustainability and the Environment

In light of the environmental crisis facing Latin America and the entire hemisphere, institute programs will support impactful research across disciplines, with a focus on climate change mitigation.