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Aerial shot of the Amazon river and rainforest

Sustainability and the Environment

Countries in Latin America are working to integrate environmental considerations into sustainable development plans and strategies. Institute activities might include research and convenings that identify best practices and policy recommendations to strengthen countries’ capacities to adapt and adopt climate-mitigation techniques.

Forestry Activities in Countryside

Elizabeth Ferris Comments on Climate Change and Migration

Elizabeth Ferris, research professor at the Institute for the Study of International Migration in the School of Foreign Service, commented in an article for the New Statesman on the impact of climate change on migration and the definition of a refugee.

Select Programs

Earth Exhibit in Museum

Georgetown Environment Initiative

The Georgetown Environment Initiative is a cross-campus effort to advance the multidisciplinary study of the environment and sustainability in relation to society, scientific understanding, sound policy, and the complex challenges facing our stewardship of natural resources.

Georgetown Environmental Justice Program

The Georgetown Environmental Justice Program seeks to deliver theoretical tools capable of understanding contemporary ecological transitions and contributing to topics of environmental justice in the world. It supports interdisciplinary work to identify key conceptual frameworks that form a link…