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Nine students sit around a wooden table, in the center are two speakers

Fellows Program

The Georgetown Americas Institute visiting fellows program is an opportunity for respected academics and leaders to enrich campus dialogue and scholarship by connecting with faculty, students, and the greater Washington community to learn from one another on key hemispheric issues, such as governance and the rule of law, economic growth and innovation, social and cultural inclusion, and sustainability and the environment. Questions may be directed to

Visiting Leaders Program 

Each year GAI will select distinguished leaders from government or the private sector to visit campus, deliver a public lecture, and meet with students, faculty, and outside guests.

Visiting Fellows Program

GAI will invite leading scholars from the Western Hemisphere to teach, lecture, and share their research at Georgetown. During their stay, GAI will maximize the interaction of the visiting fellow with faculty and students as well as outside guests through public events, private meetings, and a short publication.

2022-2023 Visiting Fellows Cohort