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June 27, 2023

Arturo Romez Yanez Presented His Research at the American Economics Association

With the support of the Georgetown Americas Institute, Arturo Romero Yanez presented his research on women's political representation in Mexico and quid-pro-quo in U.S. judicial elections at the 2023 annual meetings of the American Economics Association in New Orleans and the American Law and Economics Association in Boston.

Arturo Romero Yanez
Arturo Romero Yanez

Attending these conferences had a profound impact on his academic journey. They played a pivotal role in the completion of his Ph.D. Dissertation, allowing him to deepen his knowledge and broaden his perspective on critical issues in hi field of study. The conferences provided a platform for sharing his research with a diverse audience of scholars and experts, fostering valuable discussions, and enabling him to receive feedback from leaders in the field. These interactions not only enriched his research but also opened doors to potential collaborations and networking opportunities.

One notable benefit he experienced was the exposure to diverse approaches and viewpoints. For example, attending the AEA '23 provided him with valuable insights and perspectives that improved the pitch of his research in women’s political representation in Mexico. Romero Yanez had the opportunity to engage with researchers from different backgrounds, learn from their perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding gender representation in politics. This exposure broadened his research horizons and equipped him with a more comprehensive understanding of his own work.

The support from GAI made it possible for him to participate in these crucial academic conferences, which, in turn, significantly contributed to the successful completion of his Ph.D. Dissertation. The knowledge gained, insights acquired, and connections established during these events will continue to shape and influence his future research.