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June 27, 2023

Cesar Salgado Portillo Presents Research at International Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association

With the support of the Georgetown Americas Institute, Cesar Salgado Portillo (G’25) traveled to Niagara Falls to present research at the International Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) in March 2023.

Cesar Saldago Portillo
Cesar Saldago Portillo

In this conference, Salgado Portillo gave two presentations: "Queering Literature in the Northern Triangle" and "Disentangling Race, Gender and Sexuality Through Theater - Testimony in El Salvador,” which serve as the outlines for the first two chapters of his dissertation.

In this conference, Salgado Portillo shared his work with academics that are also doing similar work in Central America. In both presentations, he obtained constructive feedback to strengthen the arguments in his dissertation. With the grant funds, Salgado Portillo also had the opportunity to reinforce his network of peers and mentors by making connections with graduate students and professors that share his research interests.

Salgado Portillo attended a workshop on the process of publishing which equipped him with useful skills that will be useful as he finishes producing two new articles for literary magazines. In this session, he also connected with several publishers who showed interest in his work on race, gender, and sexuality in Central America.

In the workshop “Teaching Social Justice in Spanish Classrooms,” Salgado Portillo learned new teaching techniques that he will apply as he prepares his syllabus and lesson plans for his upcoming undergraduate courses at Georgetown.

“My students will benefit from what I learned, since they offered guidance on how to apply DEI into our Spanish courses.”

Attending NeMLA allowed Salgado Portillo the opportunity to progress in his dissertation, pitch his articles to various magazines, and connect with people in his field in new ways.