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A man and a woman sit in brown chairs with a blue background that reads "Georgetown University"

Conversations with Leaders

The Georgetown Americas Institute is pleased to host an ongoing series of conversations and lectures with influential leaders in the Western Hemisphere. Visiting former heads of state, dignitaries, policymakers, and decision-makers will discuss current issues, the state of affairs in the region, and their opinions on leadership, governance, politics, foreign affairs, and management.

Event Series

Luiza Trajano in a red dress

Inclusivity, Prosperity, and Success

In recent years, Brazil has faced economic difficulties amplified by the effects of the pandemic. COVID-19 deepened pre-existing social issues in the country and fed a dynamic marked by rising…

Picture of the PResidential palace in Buenos Aires

Lessons from a Presidency

What are the obstacles faced by those who seek to transform a country? Change always faces enormous hurdles, yet in the face of such obstacles, is change possible? And, if so, how? For many decades…