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Mexican flag

Thinking about Mexico’s Future

In 2024 presidential elections will take place in Mexico. The Georgetown Americas Institute is pleased to present a series of talks and lectures to reflect on the future of Mexico.​

Will Mexican voters choose to support the fourth transformation, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's (AMLO) campaign promise to fight abuses of power by the Mexican government, by voting for AMLO’s heir Claudia Sheinbaum? Or, will they see in Xocthil Galveza a leader who can achieve the synthesis between an anti-establishment sentiment, represented by AMLO, and a more modern and institutional approach represented by the technocratic governments that came before him? How would Mexico take advantage of the important geopolitical forces behind nearshoring, reinforce the USMCA, and strengthen other economic forces driving investment into Mexico? How will the political system evolve after AMLO: will Mexico revert to a two- or three-party system or will it transition to a fragmented one? Will security issues continue to threaten social well-being? How should Mexico think about its diplomatic relations with the United States and China given the current geopolitical tensions between them?

Event Series

Mexico City

A Conversation with Salomón Chertorivski

Mexico City’s mayoral election is scheduled for June 2024. The race carries particular weight, as it happens concurrently with the presidential election and Mexico City is the largest city in the…