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Ernesto Talvi

Georgetown Americas Institute

Ernesto Talvi is a visiting fellow with the Georgetown Americas Institute. He is also senior research fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute. He has been director of the Economic and Social Policy in Latin America initiative at Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.; Tinker visiting professor at Columbia University in New York; founding member of the Latin American Committee for Macroeconomic and Financial Affairs (CLAAF); director of the Center for the Study of Economic & Social Affairs (CERES) in Montevideo, Uruguay; and chief economist at the Central Bank of Uruguay. In 2018 he entered politics, founding the liberal-progressive “Ciudadanos (Citizens)” movement within the Colorado Party. He was a presidential candidate, elected senator and minister of foreign affairs of Uruguay. He retired from political life in 2021. He holds a PhD in economics and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago, and a BA in economics from the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay.

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