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Border Between Mexico and USA

Crossing Borders: Leaving Home, Making New Lives, Sustaining Communities

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Challenges of migration shape our times. People facing lives of marginality mixed with violence leave homes for dangerous treks in search of new lives. They cross borders that governments seek to rule and regulate with limited success. Many aim to work, then return home. Others remain in el norte, often working without rights, sustaining transnational families and the U.S. economy. In time they build communities essential to the fabric of U.S. life.

The Crossing Borders series offered presentations by and conversations with leading analysts of the origins, processes, and outcomes of migrations between Mexico and the United States as they accelerated during the twentieth century and define key challenges of our times.

This event series was hosted by the Georgetown College Americas Forum and co-sponsored by the Georgetown Americas Institute.

Part I: Leaving Home

February 2, 2022: Women Crossing Borders: Family Migrations, 1890-1965

Larisa Veloz, History, University of Texas El Paso

February 9, 2022: A Century of Mexican Guestworkers in U.S. Fields

Mireya Loza, History and American Studies, Georgetown University

February 16, 2022: The Big Push: Medical Miracles, Green Revolutions, and the Roots of Migrations

John Tutino, History and International Affairs, Georgetown University

February 28, 2022: Urban-Origin Migration: Industrial Monterrey in the U.S.-Mexico Migratory System

Rubén Hernández-León, Sociology and Latin American Studies, UCLA

Part II: Making New Lives, Sustaining Communities

March 28, 2022: Making Mexican Los Angeles—and America—in Boyle Heights

George Sánchez, History and Ethnic Studies, University of Southern California

April 4, 2022: Making Mexican Chicago: From Post-War Settlement to the Age of Gentrification

Mike Amezcua, History, Georgetown University

April 20, 2022: Generations Making Mexican America

Francisco Jiménez, Literature, Santa Clara University

Tomás Jiménez, Sociology, Stanford University

April 25, 2022: Carrying New York City Through Covid: Undocumented Deliverance

Martha Daniela Guerrero, Journalist/Historian

Event Series

Family Sitting on a bench

Generations Making Mexican America

What does it mean to be a person of Mexican descent in the United States today? How has that meaning changed overtime? Drawing insights from Francisco Jiménez's memoirs and Tomás Jiménez's original…